Musicians Interviews (Juan Sebastian Garcia, Colombia)

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We were back again, Today interviews is from Colombia, my dear friend Juan Sebastian Garcia, Guitarist for The Nowhere Boys from Colombia. He plays guitar, keyboards and sing. I met Him first time in Buenos Aires in La Semana Beatle 2018, and He have great energy and attitude, and of few people who knows my Spanish name! jajajaja So let's get to know Him,

Juan! please describe yourself
I am Juan Sebastian Garcia, Born in July 1987 in the city of Bogota, Colombia (That's in South America....) I have lived here all my life, at the cozy altitude of 2600 meters above sea level in the Andes mountains. 
Currently I am an University lecturer, teaching Audio Editing and Audio Measurements Techniques for Undergraduate students.

How long have you been playing? What get you into music?
I've been around music all my life thanks to my mom and my family. I have played piano from an early age, listening to classical music and more. Got into playing rock when I was in high school, when some friends invited me to join in a band they were creating and I was chosen to be the bass player (so I learned how to play basic stuff) Later on, I looked at the electric guitar as my main instrument, while discovering different types of music, including heavier stuff and more experimental rock. You could say that I have been playing all my life but I like to think that I have been playing since 2002.

Do you have favorite musician as a role model?
That's a hard question to answer, I can think of groups of musicians that I admire, respect and truly look after, like the Jazz masters like John Coltrane, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Chick Corea. The Rock people like The Beatles, The Who, basically all the british invasion. Love the prog metal and the prog rock musicians, as they are the perfect blend of classical/jazz trained people with all the freedom of rock.

Recently I have been listening to more Frank Zappa and just being baffled by His extreme musicianship and sensibility.

What instrument do you play and have?
Well, I play bass, guitars and keyboards. Currently on bass land I have a 5 strings Washburn bass, and about Guitars I have three of them, an Epiphone Casino, an Ibanez GAX75 and a 7 strings Ibanez RG7321, Keyboardwise I am using an M-Audio Axiom 49 controller, connected to my computer where I use Apple Mainstage 3 and the Komplete 9 software bundle by Native Instruments.

What band are you playing now?
Currently I am playing with The Beatles tribute band THE NOWHERE BOYS in my home town of Bogota.

What do you think about the music scene today?
It is a tricky question too, but it depends of the point of view. As a listener, I am happy to hear new bands with new sounds every week, especially as it is so easy to hear your music around the world nowadays. As a musician and performer, the music scene is a really tough one, and I believe that lack of support from both venues and people have a lot todo with it. Although it is really hard to make a career out of music, I do believe that it is poddibel to enjoy every second of it.

Can you named 5 albums that really influence you?

Abbey Road - The Beatles

Awake - Dream Theater

Close to the edge - YES

Nevermind - Nirvana

Dark side of the moon - Pink Floyd

How many albums or singles do you play in?
None at the moment, but hopefully someday soon I'll be able to collaborate.

What do you want to say to fellow musicians around the world?
Keep playing no matter what and enjoy every note you make. Don't be afraid of doing your own stuff, be bold.

What is your biggest achievement so far?
Playing at the International Beatleweek Festival 2019 at Liverpool, England. A dream come true!


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